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Saves to a local file the list of items currently displayed in the Watch Window, as described in Saving and restoring Watch Window contents.

The command's first optional argument is the name of the .watch file in which to store the Watch Window contents:

saveWatch [watchfile [overwrite]]

If you omit watchfile, a Windows file selection dialog box lets you create a .watch file when the command executes.

Otherwise, if you specify a watchfile argument (the .watch extension may be omitted), the Watch Window contents are stored in the named file when the command executes.

The Client saves the watch file in the folder that contains the JanusDebugger.exe file, by default.

If a watch file with the same name already exists when saveWatch executes, the result depends on whether you also specified the overwrite parameter:

  • If it is not specified, the saveWatch command fails, and an error message is issued.
  • If it is specified, the existing file gets overwritten.

You may also specify the watch file name in these ways:

set &a = "foo" saveWatch &a overwrite 

  • With an absolute file system path, which must be enclosed in quotation marks.

saveWatch "c:\temp\" saveWatch "c:\temp\" overwrite 

The loadWatch command restores the Watch Window contents from a watch file.

Client menu: Data Display > Save Watch
Introduced: Build 49