Security interfaces overview

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In addition to Rocket Model 204 security, three types of security interfaces are available to Model 204 users:

In addition, if your site uses a security interface along with Connect, you can write your own security exits, which allows you to use your security interface instead of standard Model 204 SQL security. The Security interface wiki pages describe each of the security interfaces and user security exits and how to install them.

Software support

Model 204 supports the current releases of CA-ACF2, Security Server, and CA-Top Secret under z/OS and CA-ACF2 VM.

Error messages

Each of the security interfaces generates Model 204 error and informational messages. If you receive an error message and need further information, refer to List of Model 204 messages.

General installation notes

Model 204 is distributed with all the materials necessary to install and use Model 204 as well as any separately purchased features. The Security Interface object modules described on the Security Interfaces wiki pages are distributed in encrypted form. Until they are decrypted, they are useless to any utilities that process object modules, such as the linkage editor and loader.