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Lets you dynamically specify or clear a procedure Black List, which identifies the outer procedures you do not want the Debugger to debug. These procedures get executed but their code is not sent to or displayed in the Client. This command temporarily overrides any existing Black List, but it does not physically affect the contents of the black list file stored on disk (blacklist.txt). The command's effect is not persistent over runs of the Client.


setBlackList [proc] ... 

where proc is one of possibly multiple, blank separated, procedure file names. Name matching is case insensitive, and wildcards are allowed.

If no names are specified, the current black list, if any, is treated as empty. If one or more procedure names are specified, the contents of the black list are overridden by this new set of procedure names.

You might use this command for testing:

  1. Put it in a User Language procedure.
  2. Send it to the Client via the TN3270 DEBUG CLIENTCOMMAND Model 204 command.

Doing this lets you have a mainframe based testing harness that sets up a list on the Client. For example:


See also the setWhiteList command.

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Introduced: Build 62