SetGlobal (System subroutine)

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Set a system-wide global (System class)

The SetGlobal shared subroutine sets a system-wide global.


%(System):SetGlobal( name, value)

Syntax terms

%(System) The class name in parentheses denotes a shared method. SetGlobal can also be invoked via a System object variable, which may be Null.
name A string that identifies the global to be set.
value A string that identifies the new value for the global.

Usage notes

  • All errors result in request cancellation.
  • It is not an error to set a global that is not set.
  • Like $Setg_Sys, the SetGlobal method momentarily turns off multi-processing, so should not be used heavily in an MP/204 environment. SetString does not suffer this limitation and should be used in these situations.


The following statement sets the system global called CHOLERIC:

%(system):setGlobal('CHOLERIC', 'ANGRY')

See also

  • The setGlobal method, in the System class, performs a function identical to the $setg_sys function. That is, the following two statements are identical:

    %(system):setGlobal('PHLEGMATIC', 'STOLID') %rc = $setg_sys('PHLEGMATIC', 'STOLID')

  • For more information about system globals, see "System and SubSystem globals and strings".