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The SirFile file detail screen displays parameter settings and statistics for an individual file. The screen is accessed from the SirFile main menu or the SirFile file tables screen by placing the cursor on a file name and pressing the PF10 key.

File detail screen


Using the file detail screen

This listing of file statistics contains descriptions for most of the statistics displayed on this screen. See also the screen's online Help. Each file has a specific value for each statistic based on the file's current activity and state within the Online region.

Many of these statistics are also viewable on the SirFile file tables screen. Others may be viewable only at command level.

For additional information about file statistics, see File statistics and tuning.

Command line options

You can use the TIME command to place the file detail screen into auto-refresh mode:

TIME xx yy This command takes a snapshot of the file every yy seconds until xx snapshots have been taken. The rate and total information displayed is updated with each snapshot.

The snapshots are not stored, but they allow you to view precise per-second changes in the state of the file.

You can use the PgUp (PA1) key to interrupt an automatic refresh.

This screen is especially useful when a warning is posted against a file, as it allows you to view all relevant file table information.

Function keys

These are the function keys for this screen:

PF1 Accesses full-screen help.
PF3 Return to command level or previous screen.
PF6 Accesses the messages screen if any messages are posted against this file.

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