Specifying a startup command for the Client

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Command line parameters are available to customize your invocation of the Client (JanusDebugger.exe). You can use these parameters in the following contexts:

  • Command prompt/DOS box or Windows Shell
  • A Windows shortcut that targets JanusDebugger.exe
  • A script (.bat file) that invokes JanusDebugger.exe

Syntax and general syntax rules

Here is  the command syntax:

JanusDebugger[.exe] [configFile|*] [proxyPort|*] [workFolder]


  • The program name (JanusDebugger) may be specified with or without the.exe qualifier.
  • One or more blanks must separate the parameters from each other and from the program name.
  • If a parameter value contains embedded blanks, enclose the value in double-quotation marks (the standard DOS way of handling embedded blanks). Single-quotation marks may not be used. For example:

JanusDebugger "config file.xml" 

  • Parameter position is important. To omit a parameter that precedes another, use an asterisk (*) for the parameter you are omitting. For example:

JanusDebugger * 999  JanusDebugger * * c:\workFile 

  • The configFile parameter is an absolute or relative path to an alternate Debugger configuration file (that is, to be used in place of the default file, debuggerConfig.xml). A relative path is relative to the application folder (the installation target).


myConfig.xml           (relative path)  "my Config.xml"        (relative, embedded blanks)  a\myConfig.xml         (relative path)  c:\folder\myConfig.xml (absolute path) 

  • The proxyPort parameter is an override for the proxy port number specified in the default or the alternate Debugger configuration file. It must be an integer in the range 1 through 65535.
  • The workFolder parameter specifies an absolute file system path of a writable folder. The command is rejected if the folder does not exist, is not writable, or is relative.

workFolder is an alternate location for state and log files, preferences, macros, and UI customization files. These files, which belong to one of three folders, are described in A summary of the Client work files.


Consider the following Client startup command:

c:\appdir> janusdebugger * * c:\work 

This command makes the Debugger Client look for the following items in the C:\work folder:

  • Client configuration file (.xml)
  • A sub-folder for state files (see stateFileFolder tag below)
  • A sub-folder for UI files (see uiFolder tag below)
  • A sub-folder for macro files (see macroLibraryFolder tag below)

Note: In the work folder, these items must not be specified by an absolute path.

For example, if workFolder C:\work has this directory content:

11/04/2013  11:28 AM          3,388 debuggerConfig.xml
11/04/2013  11:13 AM    <DIR>       macros
11/04/2013  11:28 AM    <DIR>       state
11/04/2013  11:12 AM    <DIR>       uiconfig 

And the debuggerConfig.xml file has these folder tags:


The Client will do the following:

  • Look for the configuration file in: C:\work
  • Use this macroLibraryFolder: C:\work\macros
  • Use this stateFileFolder: C:\work\state
  • Use this uiFolder: C:\work\uiconfig
  • Report to the Client's Help > About box the locations of the preceding items