State (RecordsetCursor function)

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Return current state of RecordSetCursor (RecordsetCursor class)


%cursorState = recordsetCursor:State

Syntax terms

%cursorState An Enumeration object of type CursorState to contain the returned value of State. Possible values are BeforeStart, HasRecord, AfterEnd, NoRecord, and Empty, as described in "Cursor state".
recordsetCursor A RecordsetCursor object.


The following fragment suggests a way to use the State property with a cursor object:

%rs is object recordSet in file myfile %srecs is object SortedRecordset in file myfile %myCursor is object RecordsetCursor in file myfile ... fd to %rs end find ... sort records in %rs to %srecs by name ... %myCursor = %srecs:Cursor fr in %srecs ... repeat while ( %myCursor:State = hasrecord ) end for ...

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