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Get a system-wide string (System class)

The String readOnly property returns the current value of a system-wide string.


%value = %(System):String( name)

Syntax terms

%value This string is set to the current value of the named string, or it is set to null if the named string is not set.
%(System) The class name in parentheses denotes a shared method. String can also be invoked via a System object variable, which may be null.
name A string that identifies the global string to be retrieved.


  1. The following statement prints the value of the subsystem string called EMERALDS:

    print %(system):string('EMERALDS')

  2. A common use of system strings might be to hold a complex shared data-structure in the form of XML. Such a string can be loaded into an XmlDoc object fairly easily:

    %sharedDoc is object xmlDoc auto new ... %sharedDoc:loadXml(%(system):string('SharedDoc'))

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