TEMPPAGE parameter

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Number of CCATEMP pages in storage


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
On User 0's parameter line
Related products
Model 204 V5.1


Use the TEMPPAGE parameter to place CCATEMP pages for your job into above-the-bar (virtual) memory. The number specified for TEMPPAGE determines how many CCATEMP pages are available for the run. Using TEMPPAGE also indicates that the pages must be placed in storage rather than on disk. The advantages to holding pages in storage are:

  • The disk and channel subsystems are relieved of work, allowing non-CCATEMP I/O to complete with less contention.
  • Moving the pages from memory to the buffer pool requires less CPU than is required to start and wait on I/O completion.

When you specify a TEMPPAGE value, even if you have a CCATEMP DD record in the job, the disk file is not accessed and the pages are placed in storage. The default setting of zero means that your job will use a CCATEMP disk file.

The size of pages in the TEMPPAGE storage area are the same as the size of Model 204 file pages on disk, that is, the value of PAGESZ, which is fixed at 6184.