TEST command

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Defined in the subsystem definition
Sets up a single-user test environment for an application subsystem


TEST [DEBUG] [STATS] [SUBSYSTEM] subsystemname parameters


DEBUG Displays the value of the communication global variable at the terminal before the next procedure is included. You can then specify a different procedure by entering another value. The procedure displayed is included next if you press ENTER without providing a new value.
STATS Displays since-last statistics after the execution of each procedure.
SUBSYSTEM Indicates that the term following it is the subsystem name.
subsystemname The name of the application subsystem, comprised of a maximum of 10 characters.
parameters Subsystem-specific parameters. As many as 255 characters of information can be entered.

Usage notes

The TEST command sets up a single-user test environment for an application subsystem. The application subsystem must be stopped before entering the TEST command.

All error and informational messages that are not suppressed by the user's MSGCTL parameter are displayed.

For more information, see Debugging and testing facilities.