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The following are the available RecordLockingConflict class methods.

ConflictTimeMillisecondsTime that the conflict occurred
ConflictingLockStrengthLock strength of conflicting lock
ConflictingRecordLockTypeLock type of conflicting lock
CopyCopy the RecordLockingConflict object
DeepCopyDeep copy the RecordLockingConflict object
FilenameName of the file in which last record locking conflict occurred
LockTimeMillisecondsTime that the conflicting record was locked
LockingUserNumberUser number of the user that locked the conflicting record
NewCreate a new RecordLockingConflict object
NewFromLastConflictCreate object from current conflict information
RecordNumberRecord number of the record that has the conflict
UserIDUser ID (login name) of the user that has the conflict
UserNumberUser number of the user that has the conflict