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Information about Recordset (Recordset class)

ToString returns a longstring that has the count, lock strength, file, and record numbers for the Recordset object.


%string = recordset:ToString[( [MaxRecords= number])]

Syntax terms

%string A longstring variable to receive the contents of the Recordset.
recordset A Recordset object variable.
MaxRecords This name required argument is a numeric value that specifies an upper limit on the number of records to be included in the returned data. MaxRecords is an optional argument that defaults to 8. If set, it must be a positive value that is less than 16 million.

Usage notes

  • ToString can be applied implicitly: simply Print (or Audit) an object variable, and the ToString method is automatically applied to the object. That is:

    print %recset

    is equivalent to:

    print %recset:ToString


The following record display is produced by a print %recset statement.

LockStrength=Share, Count=5, Records=(MYFILE: 0,1,2,3,4)

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