ToggleBreakpointOnCurrentLine command

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Sets (or removes) a breakpoint for the current Source Code or Daemon line, if the line is or starts an executable statement. If the line is not an executable statement or the start of one, sets (or removes) a breakpoint for the first subsequent line that is or starts an executable statement.

For code lines for which a breakpoint is set, toggleBreakpointOn removes the breakpoint.



This command has the same effect as double clicking a code line or right clicking a line and selecting Toggle Breakpoint from the context menu.

toggleBreakpointOnCurrentLine always sets or clears a breakpoint; setBreakpointOnCurrentLine performs only a set action, and clearBreakpointOnCurrentLine performs only a clear.

See also the breaksAt and breaks commands.

Client menu: Breakpoints > Toggle Breakpoint on Current Line
Introduced: Build 28