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URL from which the response was obtained (HttpResponse class)

The URL method returns the actual URL from which a response was obtained. In the case of server redirects, the URL returned by this method will not be the URL requested on the HTTPRequest object.


%string = httpResponse:URL

Syntax terms

%string A string variable for the assignment of the URL property value of httpResponse.
httpResponse A reference to an HttpResponse object that was returned by a Get, Post, or Send method of an HttpRequest object.

Usage notes

  • The URL method can inform an application that a redirection happened and what the real location of the requested item was. For example:

    %httpResponse = %httpRequest:get('XMLCLIENT') if (%httpResponse:url ne %httpRequest:url) then print 'Hey Moe, we got redirected to ' and - %httpResponse:url end if

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