Unbind (LDAP function)

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Close this LDAP connection (LDAP class)

This callable function closes a Janus LDAP connection. It logs off the LDAP user, and it terminates the sending and receiving of data on the connection and deactivates it.


[%number =] ldap:Unbind

Syntax terms

%number A float variable to contain the status result of the Unbind. Possible results are:
  • 0, which indicates success
  • -1, which indicates a failure due to a lost connection (or a connection was never established)
The ErrorNumber and ErrorText methods may provide additional details.
ldap An LDAP object variable.

Usage notes

  • After a successful Unbind (and after errors that cause a disconnection), the LDAP method object is ready for another Bind: that is, it is (re)initialized with no associated socket/connection references, in the same state as if %ld = New were issued.
  • You can also close a connection (and delete the object) abruptly by issuing a Discard call, and you can achieve the same result by letting an LDAP object get discarded automatically ("implicitly") when the last reference to it is lost, but it is recommended that you first issue an Unbind call for a more orderly closure.

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