UnicodeEQ, UnicodeNE, UnicodeLT, UnicodeLE, UnicodeGE and UnicodeGT (Unicode functions)

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Compare unicode strings (Unicode class)

[Introduced in Sirius Mods 7.9]

These Unicode comparison methods perform the named comparison operation between their Unicode string method objects and the method argument values. The methods are useful whenever you need to do comparisons and ordinary EBCDIC string comparisons are not sufficient, say where you may be working with characters that are not translatable to EBCDIC.

Syntax (same for UnicodeNE, UnicodeLT, UnicodeLE, UnicodeGE, and UnicodeGT)

%number = unicode:UnicodeEQ( comparand)

Syntax terms

%number A number that indicates the success or failure of the indicated User Language comparison: a value of 1 is returned if the stated relation between the unicode value and the comparand value is true; otherwise, 0 is returned.
unicode A Unicode string.
comparand The Unicode value that is being compared to the method object, unicode. The method name indicates the type of comparison.

Usage notes

  • Unicode comparisons might be useful if you want to use ASCII/Unicode ordering of string values (numbers < uppercase < lowercase).


The following comparison succeeds:

if %dessert:unicodeEq('Apple &pi;':u) then ...

However, the following comparison does not:

if %dessert eq 'Apple &pi;':u

In this last case, Model 204 will try to convert the Unicode pi character to EBCDIC, and that operation will fail.

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