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Apply the replacement table to this string (Unicode class)

UnicodeReplace lets you examine a given Unicode string for any replacement characters that may be in effect at your site.

The Sirius Mods Unicode tables specify translations between EBCDIC and Unicode/ASCII. The UNICODE command lets your site create customizations (one or many replacements) of those translations, as described for the Rep subcommand of the UNICODE command.


%outUnicode = unicode:UnicodeReplace

Syntax terms

%outUnicode A Unicode variable to receive the method object string altered by any replacement characters.
unicode A Unicode string.

Usage notes

  • The method output is the input Unicode string, with those characters specified in the Unicode replacement table replaced by their corresponding Unicode strings. If no Unicode replacement table is in effect, the method merely copies its input.
  • UnicodeReplace is available as of Sirius Mods Version 7.3.


In actual usage, updating UNICODE commands should only be issued from your Model 204 initialization stream. For the sake of this example, assume that the following had been included:

UNICODE Table Standard Rep U=2122 '(TM)'

accordingly, a subsequent UnicodeReplace example:

begin %u Unicode Initial('Cool™':U) print %u:UnicodeReplace end

would result is:


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