WEBDFLT parameter

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Janus Web default

The WEBDFLT parameter specifies various defaults for Janus Web processing.


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
CCAIN or system administrator
Related products
Janus Web
Model 204 version 7.8 (also version 7.6 with maintenance zap 76Z420, and version 7.7 with maintenance zap 77Z090)


The meanings of the WEBDFLT bit settings are as follows:

X'01' Makes ALLOW * the default JANUS WEB rule for non-SSL ports, which allows open access to the port.

When this bit is 0, the default rule for non-SSL ports is DISALLOW *, which means that the port may not be accessed, and so an additional WEB rule for the port must be defined to make the port accessible.

Prior to version 7.6 of Model 204, the default WEB rule for non-SSL ports was ALLOW *, so WEBDFLT=1 produces the same default behavior for non-SSL ports as was provided prior to version 7.6. This default behavior was changed so that system administrators would not provide open access to all Janus Web ports without taking specific action.