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Write Structured Field Query

WSFQUERY is a parameter on JANUS DEFINE, which defines and sets characteristics of a Janus port.

This parameter indicates that Janus is to issue a "Write Structured Field Query" request to any Telnet client that connects to it. This is useful if a connecting client is not using one of the standard screen geometries — Model 2 (24 by 80), Model 3 (32 by 80), Model 4 (43 by 80), or Model 5 (27 by 132). Model 204 and many clients support more or less arbitrary geometries, but Model 204 cannot detect a non-standard geometry on a telnet client without the WSFQUERY option.

If all connecting clients will be using the standard geometries, the tn3270 protocol correctly sends the model number, telling Model 204 the screen geometry. However, even if there are no non-standard screen sizes connecting to a Janus TNSERV port, there is little harm in specifying the WSFQUERY parameter, other than the slight delay in the WSF query being sent, and the response received.

If the 3270 clients at a site support arbitrary geometries, it might be well worth experimenting with them, as there is no particular reason that any of the standard geometries are ideally suited to a particular workstation. The Model 204 command line and editor, and many RKTools applications, take advantage of all the space available on non-standard geometry 3270 emulators. To enable support for arbitrary 3270 geometries, the SIRTERM system parameter's X'01' bit must be set.

This parameter, like the Janus Telnet Server, is available as of Sirius Mods Version 6.9 and later.

Valid only for TNSERV ports.

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