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Present or don't present legacy screens as non-HTML XML

XMLSCREEN and XMLNOSCREEN are parameters on JANUS DEFINE, which defines and sets characteristics of a Janus port.

These parameters indicate the output format of 3270 screens that Janus Web Legacy Support converts:

  • XMLSCREEN specifies that screens are sent as XML with field names but no formatting information.
  • NOXMLSCREEN, the default, specifies that screens are sent as XHTML with formatting tags, so the screens are viewable as browser pages but without field names.

Using NOXMLSCREEN to convert 3270 screens to XHTML is suitable if the intent is for the pages to appear on a browser, but this is not very convenient if the screen content is to be processed by some other program. Using XMLSCREEN enables Janus Web Legacy XML Support, which provides a much nicer interface for external programs to process legacy 3270 screens.

The XMLSCREEN and NOXMLSCREEN parameters are available in Sirius Mods Version 8.1 and later.

You can override the XMLSCREEN and NOXMLSCREEN parameters on the JANUS DEFINE command on a URL basis using the like-named parameters in JANUS WEB SCREEN rules.

Valid only for WEBSERV ports.

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