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This image is required by the $FDef and $LstFld functions; it also provides a complete list of all the available attributes for a Model 204 field.

The ZFIELD image is provided as part of the Model 204 installation software.

Note: When using ZFIELD, be aware that $FDef output maps to the location within the image (not the names), so do not change the order of the image items in ZFIELD.

Image definition

The ZFIELD image definition underwent significant additions in Model 204 V7.5.

Because all changes were additions, code from earlier version(s) was not affected, but views of the image details are quite different:

Where to find the image definition

The location of ZFIELD for your site is listed in this table:

If your site runs under... The ZFIELD image is stored in...
z/OS V7.5 and later: The distributed macro library
Pre-V7.5: The distributed JCL library
z/VSE The distributed JCL library
z/VM The 193 MAINT204 disk