ZHPF command

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System manager
Checks zHPF availability for file data sets


ZHPF [filename | *]


  • filename specifies a single local file
  • * indicates all local files opened by all users

Note: filename and * are available as of Model 204 7.7.

If neither filename nor * is specified, ZHPF prints zHPF-related information for all data sets for the file currently opened by the user.

ZHPF displays the following message for each data set in the file(s) to indicate whether zHPF type I/O can be used for the data set:

M204.2953: File filename dataset_name zHPF capabilities hex_values Supported: - indicator


  • hex_values represent the existing zHPF capabilities
  • indicator has one of the following values:
    Value Meaning
    YES zHPF is supported for dataset_name in filename.
    NO Hardware or z/OS support for zHPF functionality is insufficient (for example when z/OS runs under VM).
    N/A zHPF support is not available at all at the z/OS or hardware level.

Usage notes

ZHPF is available as of Model 204 version 7.6.