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The $Fsterr function returns a string containing the prefix and text of the first counting error message or request cancellation message received by the user.


This function takes no arguments.

Usage notes

  • A null value is returned if no counting error or request cancellation message has been received since:
    • The beginning of the user's Model 204 session
    • The last call to the $ErrClr function
    • Processing a SOUL Open statement
  • The maximum length of the returned string is determined by the setting of the ERRMSGL parameter. That parameter defaults to 80 which means a maximum of 79 characters are returned, but ERRMSGL can be set as high as 256 which means up to 255 characters would be returned.
  • $Fsterr is not available for Host Language Interface applications.
  • The $Fsterr function requires an additional 88 bytes in the fixed portion of the server.


A sample $Fsterr function with an On Error unit follows. To learn about On Error units, see ON units.

begin fsterr.proc: on error print 'The request is ending' print 'The first error message was:' print $fstErr end on get.recs: find all records for which agent = blake end find for each record in get.recs . . end for end

See also

  • IFGERR IFAM function
  • $Errmsg, which returns the most recent counting error message.
  • The ERRMSGL parameter, which determines the length of errors returned by $Errmsg and $Fsterr.