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Wait until asynchronous Fast/Unload request completes

This requests that the user wait until an asynchronous Fast/Unload request is completed.

The $FunWait function accepts one argument and returns a numeric result.


%result = $FunWait(req_num)

The only argument is a string that identifies the request number to be waited on. To wait on a request, the user must have initiated the request.

%result is set to either of these:

  • The return code from Fast/Unload
  • -1, if the request cannot be found


In the following example, two ASYNCH Fast/Unload requests are placed, then their completion is waited for. If FUNTSKN is 2 or greater, these requests can run in parallel.

%RNUM1 = $FunLoad('DATA1',..,'ASYNC') IF %RNUM1 < 0 THEN JUMP TO FUNERR END IF %RNUM2 = $FunLoad('DATA2',..,'ASYNC') IF %RNUM2 < 0 THEN %RC = $FunPurg(%RNUM1) JUMP TO FUNERR END IF %RC1 = $FunWait(%RNUM1) %RC2 = $FunWait(%RNUM2)

Products authorizing $FunWait