FUNTSKN parameter

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Maximum Fast/Unload tasks


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
User 0 CCAIN parameters
Related products
Fast/Unload SOUL Interface
Before Sirius Mods 6.7


This parameter must have a numeric value between 0 and 64, inclusive. If set to 0 (the default), the Fast/Unload SOUL Interface is not able to initiate requests because there can be no Fast/Unload tasks or threads started to run them. A number greater than 1 indicates the maximum number of Fast/Unload tasks (or, as of version 7.6 of Model 204, threads) that are to be started, so the maximum number of Fast/Unload SOUL Interface requests that can run concurrently — if this limit is reached, additional requests are queued until a request completes.

The advantage of setting this value to a larger number is the potential for increased concurrency. The disadvantage is that if more requests want to run simultaneously than the number of available processors to run them, some of the requests could suffer severe performance degradation, to the point that they might complete significantly faster if they run serially rather than concurrently. In general, unless a site has many idle processors, it is probably unwise to set this parameter greater than 2.

  • Starting with version 7.6 of Model 204, setting this parameter will cause implicit definition of IODEV=25 threads, as many as the value of FUNTSKN.
  • Prior to version 7.6, if FUNTSKN is set to a non-zero value, Model 204 will try to load the program indicated by the FUNPGM parameter at Online initialization.

If a site is not authorized for Fast/Unload SOUL Interface, this parameter will have no effect.