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Insert string inside another string

Note: Many $functions have been deprecated in favor of Object Oriented methods. The OO equivalent for the $SubIns function is Insert.

This function inserts a string inside another.

The $SubIns function accepts three arguments and returns a string result.


%string = $SubIns(string, ins_string, insert_pos)

Syntax terms

%string The string result that is a combination of string and ins_string.
string An arbitrary string.
ins_string A string to be inserted in the string value.
insert_pos The insertion position in the string argument string.

Usage notes

  • If no insertion position is provided, the insertion string is appended to the end of the first input string. If the insertion point is past the first input string, the first input string is left unmodified.


  1. This statement sets %JUNK to PAT STAMPER, TRADER HORSE:


  2. This statement sets %JUNK to PAT STAMPER, HORSE TRADER:

    %JUNK = $SubIns('PAT STAMPER, TRADER', ' HORSE', 12)

  3. This statement sets %JUNK to PAT STAMPER, TRADER:

    %JUNK = $SubIns('PAT STAMPER, TRADER', ' HORSE', 92)

Products authorizing $SubIns