BAUTOINC parameter

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Number of pages for table B auto increase


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
At file creation and can be reset by file manager
Related products
Model 204 V6.1


The number of unused pages to maintain in Table B.


Setting BAUTOINC to a non-zero value allows a file’s Table B to be automatically increased if the file is full due to a lack of space in Table B. An automatic increase occurs after comparing the following and using the smallest number:

  • The value of BAUTOINC
  • The number of pages in the free space
  • The number of pages that can be added to Table B without changing the number of the file’s segments

The number of unused pages to maintain for Table B is calculated as the difference between the number of pages in Table B (BSIZE) and the highest Table B page used (BHIGHPG).

The minimum value of BAUTOINC is 0; the maximum is 16777216.

You can view the BAUTOINC parameter, and you can use it for unordered, entry order, and sort key files created in Model 204 V6R1.0 or later. BAUTOINC is not implemented for hash key files, and it is not available for file loading with the FLOD or the Fast/Reload product's Load All Information (LAI) statement.