BinaryProcedureDecode (Stringlist function)

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Convert to String from binary procedure format (Stringlist class)

This method is used to create a string from a Stringlist object that contains data in the format used by Janus Web Server to store binary data in procedures. The BinaryProcedureDecode method accepts no arguments, and returns a string result.


%string = sl:BinaryProcedureDecode

Syntax terms

%string This longstring is to contain the data in sl.
sl A Stringlist object.

Usage notes

  • All errors in BinaryProcedureDecode result in request cancellation.
  • This method (along with the BinaryProcedureEncode method) facilitates converting data between a string and the format used for storing binary data in procedures by Janus Web Server. This format is necessary if binary data is to be stored in Model 204 procedure files because standard procedure formats are not amenable to storing binary data.


BinaryProcedureDecode converts to a string the contents of a Stringlist that has data in the Janus Web Server binary procedure encoding. In the following example, a GIF is sent to another web server from a Model 204 procedure:

%req is object httpRequest %resp is object httpResponse %gif is longstring %procData is object stringList %rc is float ... %rc = $procopn('MONKEY.GIF', 'IMAGES') %procData = new %procData:appendOpenProcedure %gif = %procData:binaryProcedureDecode %req = new %req:multiPartFormEncoding = true %req:addField('IMAGE', %gif) ... %resp = %reqost

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