Stringlist methods syntax

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The syntax for each of the Stringlist class methods is shown below.

Square brackets indicate optional elements of the method invocation. See also the notation conventions for methods and the List of Stringlist methods.

[%number =] sl:Add( itemList)

[%number =] sl:AddImage[( [imageName])]

[%number =] sl:AddOrdered( string)

[%number =] sl:AddOrderedUnique( string)

[%number =] sl:AddUnique( string)

[%number =] sl:AddUniqueOrdered( string)

[%rc =] sl:AppendCCATempAllocatorInfo

[%rc =] sl:AppendCertificateInfo[( [certificate])]

[%rc =] sl:AppendCertificateRequest( [PrivateKey=] string, - [[Country=] string], [[State=] string], - [[City=] string], - [[Organization=] string], - [[OrganizationalUnit=] string], - [[CommonName=] string], - [SignatureAlgorithm= digestAlgorithm])

[%rc =] sl:AppendCertificateRequestInfo( certificateRequest)

[%rc =] sl:AppendClientCertificateRequest( [PublicKey=] string, - [[Country=] string], - [[State=] string], - [[City=] string], - [[Organization=] string], - [[OrganizationalUnit=] string], - [[CommonName=] string], - [[Challenge=] string], - [SignatureAlgorithm= digestAlgorithm])

[%rc =] sl:AppendCPCommandOutput( command, [BufferSize= number])

sl:AppendEncryptedSecurityData( sl, [Password=] string, - [[Identifier=] string])

[%count =] sl:AppendFieldImages[( [Image= string], [FirstOccurrence= number], - [MaxOccurrences= number], - [Options= string], [NullValue= string])]

[%count =] sl:AppendFieldValues[( [NameLength= number], [Fieldname= string], - [Options= string])]

sl:AppendGeneratedPrivateKey[( [[Length=] number], [[Exponent=] number], - [[Salt=] string])]

[%rc =] sl:AppendJournalData[( [[StartTime=] string], [[EndTime=] string], - [[Threads=] string], [[Options=] string], - [[Journal=] journal])]

[%rc =] sl:AppendOpenProcedure[( [numLines], [seqIncrement])]

sl:AppendPemData( [Data=] string, [label=] string)

[%number =] sl:AppendPrivateKeyInfo[( [sl], [[Password=] string])]

[%rc =] sl:AppendProcedureList( file, [pname], [accnt], [date])

[%rc =] sl:AppendSignedCertificate( [PrivateKey=] string, [Request=] string, - [[Signer=] string], - [[StartDate=] string], - [[EndDate=] string], - [[SerialNumber=] number], - [SignatureAlgorithm= digestAlgorithm])

[%rc =] sl:AppendSignedClientCertificate( [PrivateKey=] string, - [Request=] string, - [Signer=] string, - [[StartDate=] string], - [[EndDate=] string], - [[SerialNumber=] number], - [SignatureAlgorithm= digestAlgorithm])

[%rc =] sl:AppendSirfactCommandOutput( command)

[%rc =] sl:AppendSirfactData( dataList)

[%count =] sl:AppendTrace[( [parms])]

sl:AppendWebData[( [formFieldName= string], [formFieldOccurrence= number], - [options= string])] Throws FormFieldNotFound

%string = sl:BinaryProcedureDecode

sl:BinaryProcedureEncode( string, [base64Flag])

sl:BindImage( imageName)

[%rc =] sl:ChangeItemLength( itemNum, length)

%rc = sl:CheckCertificate( [PrivateKey=] stringlist, [[Password=] string])

%rc = sl:CheckCertificateRequest( [PrivateKey=] stringlist, - [[Password=] string])

[%outList =] sl:Compare( inList, [syncCount], [pad])

%outList = sl:Copy

sl:CopyImageBinding( boundList)

[%count =] sl:CopyItems( inList, [startItem], [numItems])

%count = sl:Count

%string = sl:CreateLines[( [delim], [AddTrailingDelimiter= boolean])]

%outList = sl:DeepCopy

[%string =] sl:Dequeue


[%count =] sl:Enqueue( string)

%number = sl:Find( string, [startItem])

%number = sl:FindImageItem( imageItem, [searchValue], [startItem], [operator])

%number = sl:FindImageItemUp( imageItem, [searchValue], [startItem], - [operator])

%number = sl:FindUp( string, [startItem])

%string = sl:FirstItem

sl:GetImage( itemNum, [imageName])

[%count =] sl:Insert( itemNum, itemList)

[%count =] sl:InsertImage( itemNum, [imageName])

%string = sl:Item( itemNum)

%outList = sl:ItemDifferenceList( sl1, itemNum, [separator])

%length = sl:ItemLength( itemNum)

%string = sl:LastItem

%newList = [%(Stringlist):]List( itemList)

%count = sl:ListToItem( strList2, itemNum, [separator])

%itemNum = sl:Locate( string, [[Start=] number], [[StartColumn=] number], - [[EndColumn=] number], [[CaseIndependent=] number], - [[ArbitraryQuote=] number])

%itemNum = sl:LocateUp( string, [[Start=] number], [[StartColumn=] number], - [[EndColumn=] number], [[CaseIndependent=] number], - [[ArbitraryQuote=] number])

%max = %(Stringlist):MaxItemLength

sl:MoveFromId( listId)

sl:MoveToId( listId)

%sl = [%(Stringlist):]New[( [imageName])]

[%rc =] sl:Overlay( itemNum, [startCol], string)

sl:OverlayImageItem( itemNum, imageItem, [value])

sl:ParseLines( string, [delims], [StripTrailingNull= boolean])

%updList = sl:Patch( patchList, [Options= string])

%updList = sl:PatchLines( baseList, [Options= string])

%updString = sl:PatchString( baseString, [Options= string])

%string = sl:PemToString( label, [Occurrence= number]) Throws InvalidPemData

[%string =] sl:Pop

[%count =] sl:Print[( [[NumWidth=] number], [[LenWidth=] number], - [[Start=] number], [[MaxItems=] number])]

[%count =] sl:Push( string)

[%rc =] sl:RegexCapture( string, regex, [Options= string], [Status= %output]) Throws InvalidRegex

[%itemNum =] sl:RegexLocate( regex, [startItem], [Options= string], - [Status= %output], [StartCol= number], - [EndCol= number]) Throws InvalidRegex

[%itemNum =] sl:RegexLocateUp( regex, [startItem], [Options= string], - [Status= %output], [StartCol= number], - [EndCol= number]) Throws InvalidRegex

%outString = sl:RegexReplaceCorresponding( inString, replacementList, - [Options= string], - [Status= %output]) Throws InvalidRegex

[%number =] sl:RegexSplit( inString, regex, [Options= string], - [Status= %output], [Add= regexSplitOutputOptions]) Throws InvalidRegex

%subsetList = sl:RegexSubset( regex, [Options= string], [Status= %output], - [StartCol= number], [EndCol= number]) Throws InvalidRegex

[%count =] sl:RemoveItem( itemNum)

[%rc =] sl:Replace( number, string)

[%rc =] sl:ReplaceImage( itemNum, [imageName])

sl:Sort( sortOrder, [pad]) Throws InvalidSortSpecification

%outList = sl:SortNew( sortOrder, [pad]) Throws InvalidSortSpecification

%outList = sl:Subset( string, [[StartColumn=] number], [[EndColumn=] number], - [[CaseIndependent=] number], [[ArbitraryQuote=] number])

%outList = sl:SubsetImageItem( imageItem, [searchValue], [operator])


%outList = sl:Update( updList, [%status])