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A CharacterMap object contains a mapping of characters to characters. Each character in an In string (the "input table") is associated with, or mapped to, an individual character from an Out string (the "output table"). The output table may be supplemented with instances of a pad character to ensure a one-to-one mapping with the input table characters.

CharacterMap includes a constructor, copy methods, and an update method for modifying the map.

The CharacterMap class is new as of version 7.3 of the Sirius Mods.


Most of the CharacterMap methods are shown in the following example, which also features the intrinsic String function, Translate. In the example, a new CharacterMap is the argument for the Translate method; then that map is copied and modified, and the modified map is used in a second Translate call:

begin %map is object characterMap %map2 is object characterMap %ls is longstring %map = New(in='x-', out='!c') %ls = 'xu--exx' printtext {~} = '{%ls:translate(%map)}' %map2 = %map:Copy %map2:Update(in='x',out='s') printtext {~} = '{%ls:translate(%map2)}' end

The result is:

%ls:translate(%map) = '!ucce!!' %ls:translate(%map2) = 'success'

List of CharacterMap methods

The List of CharacterMap methods shows all the class methods.