Working with Client functions (Debugger)

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The available Debugger Client functions are described in individual sections that follow. The function names are specified without regard for case.

Client function names begin with two ampersand (&&) characters; those characters must be followed by one alphabetic character, which may be followed by one or more alphanumeric characters and underscores.

Client function arguments all have the same form: that is, they may be single- or double-quoted strings, numeric constants, or, as of Client Build 58, they may also be macro variables.  As of Build 69, they may be invocations of other &&functions.

To see in a message box or the console a value returned by a function, you can assign it to a macro variable, then issue the varDump command; or use the function with the echo command.

Macro only functions

It may be that a &&function is macro only: it may be used only in a macro. The description of such a &&function includes a Scope section that reminds of this restriction.

String functions

The &&functions include a group of string manipulation functions, all of which follow these rules:

  • The first character in a string occupies position 1, the second occupies 2, and so on.
  • If a function searches for and returns the position of a desired string within a target, it returns 0 if the searched-for string is not found.
  • If a function takes a position or length as an argument, and the argument value that is passed is non-numeric, an error is issued and the command that references the function is aborted.
  • If a number is passed for a parameter that is a string, the number is converted to a string. For example, 1234 is treated like '1234'.
  • Character matching is case sensitive.
  • Like all &&functions, arguments may be single- or double-quoted strings,  numeric constants, or &variables.