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The FloatNamedArraylist class is nearly identical to the NamedArraylist class. The significant difference is that instead of subscript names for items as in the NamedArraylist class, the item subscripts in a FloatNamedArraylist object are numeric values. These numeric subscripts are basically like the Model 204 Float datatype, and FloatNamedArraylist items are stored in numeric order by subscript, whereas NamedArraylist items are stored by item name in EBCDIC order.

About the GenericNamedArraylist class

The FloatNamedArraylist class extends the system GenericNamedArraylist class, so many of the methods available in the FloatNamedArraylist class are documented as belonging to the GenericNamedArraylist class. Any method available in the GenericNamedArraylist class is also available in the FloatNamedArraylist class. The other classes that extend the GenericNamedArraylist class are the NamedArraylist class and the UnicodeNamedArraylist class.


The following request demonstrates the numerically ordered result produced by a NameByNumber loop over a FloatNamedArraylist versus the alphabetically ordered result using a NamedArraylist:

b %x is collection namedArraylist of string len 32 %y is collection floatNamedArraylist of string len 32 %i is float %x = new %x(7) = 'seven' %x(38) = 'thirty-eight' %x(110) = 'one-hundred-ten' %y = new %y(7) = 'seven' %y(38) = 'thirty-eight' %y(110) = 'one-hundred-ten' for %i from 1 to %x:count print %x:nameByNumber(%i) and %x:itemByNumber(%i) end for for %i from 1 to %y:count print %y:nameByNumber(%i) and %y:itemByNumber(%i) end for end

The request prints:

110 one-hundred-ten 38 thirty-eight 7 seven ----- 7 seven 38 thirty-eight 110 one-hundred-ten

List of FloatNamedArraylist methods

The "List of FloatNamedArraylist methods" shows all the class methods, with a brief description of each.

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