HDRCTL parameter

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Header control


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
By any user
Related products
Model 204 V2.2 or earlier


The formatting of page headers

Valid settings of HDRCTL are (options can be summed):

1 Suppress header 0 (system header with date, time, page number).
2 Suppress the blank line that normally follows header 0 for non-request output.
4 Pause at the end of an output page.
8 Daemon threads must honor headers. (7.9 or later)

Setting 4 of HDRCTL is valid only for the following device types:

IODEVAccess method/device type
29Remote User Language thread (line-at-a-time).
37 SNA Communications Server (formerly VTAM) 3767 and NTO - An additional line is added to each page, in addition to OUTLPP plus PGSEP, to receive a reply.

Note: The IODEV=37 setting is no longer supported as of Model 204 version 7.6.

39IUCV User Language thread (line-at-a-time).
45CMS console (line-at-a-time).

Note: Use of HDRCTL 4 on Batch2 threads results in a pause being sent to BATCH2 which then responds by sending an attention back to Model 204 because a BATCH2 has no way of pausing (it is not an interactive device). An attention will usually cause an evaluating request to be terminated.