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Is the method object string matched by any of the strings in the input list? (String class)

IsOneOf is an intrinsic function that returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the method object string is matched by one of the strings in an input list of strings. The input list of strings is concatenated in a single delimited string argument to the method. A returned value of True signals a successful match.


%boolean = string:IsOneOf( list)

Syntax terms

%boolean An enumeration object of type Boolean to contain the returned value of IsOneOf.
string The string to which the method is applied, the maximum length of which is 255 bytes.
list A string that contains a delimited set of potential matching strings for the method object string. The strings in list are separated by a separator character, which must be indicated by the first character of the argument. The separator must be non-alphanumeric. The format of list is therefore:


Usage notes

  • The list argument must be non-null or the request is cancelled.
  • IsOneOf is available as of Sirius Mods version 7.3.
  • If the method object string is known to be a single character, then a slightly more efficient approach is to use PositionIn, for example:

    %c is string len 1 ... if %c:PositionIn('0123456789') then * Handle numeric digit: ... end if


The following are IsOneOf sample statements:

%str is longstring %str = 'bleh' printText {~} = '{%str:isOneOf('/blah/bleh/blih')}' printText {~} = '{%str:isOneOf(',blah,bleh,blih')}' printText {~} = '{%str:isOneOf('/blah/blh/blih')}'

The results are respectively:

%str:isOneOf('/blah/bleh/blih') = True %str:isOneOf(',blah,bleh,blih') = True %str:isOneOf('/blah/blh/blih') = False

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