LOGONENQ parameter

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Userid logon enqueue


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
On User 0 or user's parameter line. It is not resettable.
Related products
Model 204 V2.2 or earlier


Enqueuing on active user ID

LOGONENQ controls whether or not a user can log into Model 204 on multiple threads with the same user ID.

Valid settings of LOGONENQ are:

0Non-unique user IDs can be active at the same time. No checking of user IDs is performed.
1A user ID logged onto a thread specified with LOGONENQ=1 might not be logged onto any other LOGONENQ=1 thread.

One user ID cannot be logged onto multiple threads, regardless of thread type

2A user ID logged onto a thread specified with LOGONENQ=2 cannot be logged onto any other LOGONENQ=2 thread that has the same IODEV number.

One user ID can be logged into multiple threads as long as each thread is a different type.

You can apply one setting of LOGONENQ to all threads in a copy of Model 204 by specifying it on the User 0 line. You can apply different settings to different threads by specifying LOGONENQ on IODEV lines. It is recommended that you specify the same LOGONENQ value for all threads of a given IODEV type.

Remember, specifying LOGONENQ on an IODEV line affects all subsequent IODEV definitions.

LOGONENQ does not affect the subsystem management facility.