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Treat LOBs as Longstrings


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
System manager
Related products
Sirius Mods Version 7.7


When LSTRLOB is 1, SOUL programs can use normal field reference syntax to retrieve or set the value of a Lob field. Otherwise (LSTRLOB=0), access to Lob fields must use the Buffer syntax. LSTRLOB is generally available as of Model 204 V7.5.

The default value of LSTRLOB is 1.

The "normal field reference syntax" applies to all uses of a BLOB or CLOB field name except for the Note statement.

The types of allowed "normal field references" are shown in the following table, which assumes that field LOB has the BLOB or CLOB attribute:

Type of referenceExamples
Used in expression

%s = LOB %t = LOB:substring(%pos, %len) %xmNode:addElement('info', LOB)

Print statement

print 'Value is:' and LOB

Field updates

%s1 = 'x':left(3000, pad='x')
store record
LOB = %s1
end store

add LOB = %s2

Note: The normal field reference syntax in the Store Record and Add statements does not have a provision for the Reserve clause which is available on the Buffer syntax. This is not an issue for a FILEORG X'100' file, because the Reserve clause is ignored in those files (Lob pages are chained rather than allocated contiguously).

change LOB to %s3

Note: The only type of Change statement allowed for a field with the MINLOBE attribute is this form, using the normal field reference syntax.