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Set or return the value of a screenfield (ScreenField class)

The Value property sets or returns the value of a ScreenField. The value is set from or copied to a User Language string, and it may be from 0-255 characters in length.


%currentString = sfield:Value sfield:Value = newString

Syntax terms

%currentString A User Language string variable to contain the returned sfield data.
sfield A reference to an instance of a ScreenField object.
newString The string value to assign to sfield.

Usage notes

  • After a Read of a Screen object, you use the Value method to get any user-entered data for a non-protected field.
  • For an example using Value to set field display data, see the "Screen object sample code".
  • For an example using Value to get user-entered data, see the example below.


In the following example, a screenfield %scrfmsg set up to display an error message to the user is populated according to the user command input in screenfield %scrfcmd. The $SirMsg argument identifies the number of the line to be returned from a procedure designated by $SirMsgP (not shown).

... %scr is object screen %scrfmsg is object screenfield %scrfcmd is object screenfield %scrfmsg = %sscr:addField(row=3, column=1, - width=%scr:columns - 1, color=red) ... %scr:read if %scrfcmd:value = 'x' then %msg = $Sirmsg(11) if %scrfcmd:value = 'y' then %msg = $Sirmsg(12) ... %scrfmsg:value = %msg ...

See also

  • The AddField method's Value parameter can set display data when the ScreenField is instantiated.