MAXDAEM parameter

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Maximum Daemon objects per user


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
User 0 CCAIN parameters
Related products
Sirius Mods Version 6.7


This parameter indicates the maximum number of sdaemon threads that can be used by an individual thread. Such threads are allocated by New method for Daemon objects; or by a number of the (deprecated) $functions such as: $CommBg, $Command or $CommndL.

Since sdaemon threads are a relatively scarce resource, it is usually not a good idea for a thread to use more than a handful of them at a time. Unfortunately, with Daemon objects, especially such objects embedded in another class, it is possible for a single runaway request to cause great problems by quickly consuming every daemon thread in an Online.

Note: If using any of the RKTools (SirMon, SirScan, SirPro, etc.), the minimum required MAXDAEM value is 10.

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