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Terminal model


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
On user's parameter line
Related products
Model 204 V6.1 or earlier


The alternate screen sizes corresponding to the different models within the IBM 3270 family of terminals

These sizes are available at command level and during output from SOUL statements. For all values except MODEL=5, they also are available for SOUL screens and menus and the Full Screen Editor.

For MODEL=5, SOUL screens and menus use the full height (26 available lines), but only up to 80 columns of width. In addition, if MODEL=5, the Full Screen Editor uses the size corresponding to MODEL=2.

For terminals communicating through SNA Communications Server, CICS, IUCV, or TSO, Model 204 automatically sets MODEL to the appropriate value when the session begins, provided that the size of the output page buffer (LOUTPB) is large enough to hold the new screen size.

If you set the FSTRMOPT parameter to 2, the MODEL parameter is not reset dynamically. When the value of MODEL is reset from 2 (the default), the values of the OUTLPP, OUTMRL, INMRL, OUTCCC, and INCCC parameters are adjusted accordingly, as shown in the following example.

The screen-size parameter settings for IBM 3270 terminals are shown in the table below. OUTLPP, OUTMRL, INMRL, OUTCCC, INCCC are all reset automatically as part of the RESET MODEL command.

Screen-size parameter settings
1 117011 80 78 80 78 IBM 327x Model 1
2 213023 80 78 80 78 IBM 327x Model 2
3 277031 80 78 80 78 IBM 327x Model 3
4 365042 80 78 80 78 IBM 327x Model 4
5 377426132 130132130 IBM 327x Model 5
6 customcustomcustom customcustomcustom Custom TN3270 setting — see Terminal MODEL 6 support


  • The 3278 Model 2A and the 3279 Model 2C system consoles are not supported in full screen mode.
  • When MODEL is reset to 6, the value (as displayed by VIEW and as returned by $View) is:

    6 nRows*nCols

    The values are determined by the TN3270 client setup.

    As indicated in the above table, the values of the other parameters depend on nRows and nCols. The values of OUTMRL and OUTCC are each equal to nCols.

  • When MODEL is reset, any existing backpages can no longer be displayed.