OUTCCC parameter

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Output cont char column


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
On user's parameter line; reset by any user
Related products
Model 204 V2.1 or earlier


The output continuation character column

The OUTCCC setting controls the format of output lines when a printed line length other than the OUTMRL setting is preferred. Output lines are split into sections up to one character less than the smaller parameter setting. A hyphen is printed as a continuation character in column OUTCCC on the output device. Normally, OUTCCC is set to the same value as OUTMRL.

Setting OUTCCC to 0 causes long output lines to be truncated at OUTMRL characters.

The value of OUTCCC changes appropriately when the MODEL parameter is reset to accommodate an alternate screen size within the 3270 terminal family (see the description of the MODEL parameter). You can override that value by explicitly resetting OUTCCC after MODEL is reset. Once OUTCCC is explicitly reset, its new value remains in effect for the thread until you log out.