Mapping a macro to a button or hot key

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Following the same rules as for mapping other Debugger commands, you can map a macro to a button or hot key. All such button/key mappings are stored by default in the ui.xml and uimore.xml files in the folder that contains the Debugger Client executable file.  

To set up a button or hot key to run a macro:

  1. Create an XML text file named ui.xml (or uimore.xml) as described in Setting up the ui.xml file, or open the existing ui.xml (or uimore.xml) file.
  2. Provide a mapping element that associates the macro with a button or hot key.
The value of the command attribute must have the following form:

"macro name"

where one or more blanks separate the keyword macro from the name of the macro.
These are examples:

  <mapping command="macro hello" button="button2" key="m" keyModifier="ctrl"/>      <mapping command="macro    world" button="button2" buttonModifier="alt"/>      <mapping command="macro stepstep" key="Z" keyModifier="ctrl"/> 

3. Save and close the file.