Reconfiguring GUI buttons and hot keys

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The fifteen buttons in the main button bar (and those in any extra button bar) are fully configurable. You can set the buttons to perform commands or macros, and you can change their positions or add separator buttons.

You may also create your own keyboard shortcuts (also called "hot keys") for commonly used commands.

If necessary, you can even provide an alternative customization that overrides the primary reconfiguration. This lets you provide, say, group level settings that may be overridden by individual level settings.

The default setting of a configurable button is provided where the individual button is discussed in this document, and the settings are also summarized later in this section.

To reconfigure buttons or keyboard shortcuts, you can define a mapping file or use a Client command.

Using a mapping file

1. Create an XML file that contains the command or macro (multiple commands) to execute paired with the button and/or key that invokes it. This file must be named ui.xml and is assumed to reside in the installation target folder (along with the JanusDebugger.exe Client program). ) Its location can be changed in the Client configuration file.
2. Restart the Debugger Client.

Using a Client command 

There is another way to set buttons or keyboard shortcuts that does not involve a mapping file or a Client restart:

1. From the Client's Command Line tool, or within a macro, or from within a User Language request by using the ClientCommand method of the DebuggerTools class, issue these commands as necessary:
  • mapButton, which specifies the button mapping you want
  • mapKey, which specifies the keyboard shortcut you want
  • clearButton, which removes the button mapping you specify
  • clearKey, which removes the keyboard shortcut you specify
2. View the button arrangement or test the key combination you specified or removed.
Unless you changed only a button modifier (a key you press along with clicking the button), an updated button's new label is displayed and the button is available for immediate use. A cleared button is removed immediately from its button bar. The button mapping and hot key updates you make with mapButton or mapKey are not reflected in the ui.xml file, and do not persist over a restart of the Client.

Additional Client commands let you modify buttons:

The following sections discuss the eligible commands, buttons, and keys, how you create a ui.xml file for their reconfigurations, and what their default settings are: