OFFLOAD command

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System manager, Operator
Manually starts an offload at any time during system operation



Where streamname specifies the name of the ring stream to be offloaded.

Usage notes

  • The OFFLOAD command permits the system manager or console operator to manually initiate an offload process at any time during system operation. Members of RING configurations are normally offloaded automatically when the number of full members reaches the threshold set by the AUTOOFFLOAD parameter in the DEFINE STREAM command.
  • OFFLOAD causes Model 204 to perform the same processing that would occur automatically when the AUTOOFFLOAD threshold is reached. An exception is that the member of the ring being filled when the command is issued is treated as if it had been filled. This is the case even if the member has not reached a file-full condition. Such an action could be desirable if AUTOOFFLOAD is set to a high value and a system shutdown might occur before any offloading is done. OFFLOAD can also be used to control unplanned hardware needs, such as tape drives for offloads.
  • OFFLOAD is only available for RING output streams. If the RING stream already has an active offload process, the command is ignored.
  • For more information on sequential I/O processing, see the DEFINE STREAM command and also Configuring checkpoint and journal data streams.