PWDCOLON parameter

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Support for colons in passwords


Default value
Parameter type
Where set
On User 0's parameter line
Related products
Model 204 version 7.6 (requires zap 76Z291)

Note: This parameter is available only in version 7.6. It is superseded by additional password functionality in version 7.7.


Before the implementation of PWDCOLON, a colon used in a login password always indicated that the user was changing their password, with the colon being the delimiter between the old and new:

LOGON USERID old password:new password

Now, when PWDCOLON=1 is set in CCAIN, a user can use a colon as part of their login password. But they cannot change their password using the colon delimiter; passwords can only be changed by the system manager using the LOGCTL C command or by using $Sir_Login.

If PWDCOLON is not set on, users can still change passwords using old password:new password.


When using $Sir_Login to login, for example when using an APSY-full-screen interface invoked via the CCAIN parameter VTLAPSY parameter, the password can be changed in the $Sir_Login function call, where there is no requirement for an old password/new password delimiter.