VTLAPSY parameter

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Login APSY for VT75 terminals


Default value
null string
Parameter type
Where set
User 0 CCAIN parameters and resettable by system managers
Related products
Sirius Mods 7.9


VTLAPSY is a ten-character resettable User 0 parameter that, if set to a non-blank value, indicates the name of an APSY subsystem that can be used to provide full-screen login support for IODEV 7 terminals (3270-type). For TN3270 connections, the same functionality is provided by the NEWSESCMD parameter on the JANUS DEFINE command.

Caution: If you set VTLAPSY to a non-existent or non-functional APSY, IODEV=7 threads are prevented from logging in.

Connection states and processing

When an IODEV=7 terminal connects to Model 204, one of four connection states is possible:

  • The terminal connection contains no user data (the typical case).
  • The terminal connection is the result of a VTAM transfer of control from a different Model 204 Online. VTAM transfer of control is allowed even when RACF is used.
  • The terminal connection request passed user data, and the X'0040' bit of TERMOPT is not set. In this case, the user data is processed as a command at connect time.
  • The terminal connection contains user data, and TERMOPT=X'0040'. In this case, the user data will be prefixed with the string "LOGON " and the result is processed as a command.

When an IODEV=7 terminal connects with no user data and VTLAPSY is set to a non-blank value (for example, YOURVT75), the following processing is performed:

  1. The user is temporarily "logged in" with a USERID of YOURVT75 (the subsystem name), ACCOUNT of NO ACCOUNT, and with X'00' privileges.
  2. The $Sir_Login function is enabled.
  3. YOURVT75 is entered automatically as a command.
  4. The YOURTV75 subsystem is expected to format a full screen that prompts the user for a valid user ID and password. The subsystem then uses the response to those prompts, along with $Sir_Login, to log the user in.
  5. If command level is reached without a successful $Sir_Login call, or if the VTLAPSY subsystem attempts an APSY transfer without a successful $Sir_Login call, an MSIR.0722 non-terminal message is issued, and the terminal is disconnected.
  6. If command level is reached after a successful $Sir_Login, any AUTOSYS subsystem for the thread is processed.
  7. Any environmental error in $Sir_Login results in request cancellation.

    Note: The VTLAPSY subsystem must be configured to not log a user in or out (N settings for Log user into M204 and for Log user out of M204 in the "APSY SUBSYSMGMT Operational Parameters" screen).

Sample APSY

A sample subsystem that can be used with the VTLAPSY parameter is provided in the SIRIUS file. Programs are VTLN.LOGIN and VTLN.ERROR, and the comments in VTLN.LOGIN explain how to customize the programs for the local environment.

This is an example of how a screen could be designed, using basic SOUL screen definition statements, to provide an alternative to the ">" prompt for logging a full-screen user into a Model 204 Online:

/\ * * * //\\ * W E L C O M E T O // \\ M O D E L 2 0 4 * /\\__//\ // - \\ * * * // ROCKET \\ * // SOFTWARE \\ VV VV 77777777 5555555 // - \\ * VV VV 77 55 // | - | \\ VV VV 77 55 // / | | \ \\ VV VV 77 5555555 /_/_/__|__________|__\_\_\ VV VV 77 55 /__/_/===__===__===__===\_\__\ VV VV 77 55 /___\/___\/___\/___\ VVV 77 555555 ;;; ;;; ;;; ;;; Processing login from terminal S26T0019 User ID: Password: New Password: Command: