Providing updated versions of the Debugger Client

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You can configure the Debugger to obtain updated builds of the Client from a central address, say, the URL of a local server. Then a Client menu item invokes a program (updateGet.exe) from which you download a new executable file (JanusDebugger.exe) to replace your existing Client.

This update maintenance feature assumes that each Client user has completed the initial Client installation, then uses this tool to refresh the executable as needed for fixes and enhancements. Currently, the Client does no checking of the version of the updated executable file, so you are responsible for determining when it is appropriate to download a new copy.

The updated executable file may be packaged in a zip file. If the file in the central URL has a .zip extension, the JanusDebugger.exe file is automatically extracted from it (an unzip.exe program is distributed).

To configure the feature:

1.Determine the URL where you will store updated Client executable files and prepare the mechanism by which the files are to be served from this URL.

The updating program sends an HTTP GET call for the JanusDebugger.exe or .zip file to this URL. You must provide code at this URL to respond to the GET.

2. In the Debugger Client configuration file (debuggerConfig.xml), insert an <updateURL> element as a child of the <debuggerConfig> element.  

This element must contain the URL (which must not be for an SSL port) >at which you make available the updated Client executable file (and you may specify a .zip file).
When complete, your configuration file should have a structure like the following:

<debuggerConfig version="1.0">    <serverList>        .        .        .    </serverList>    <proxy>        .        .        .    </proxy>    <updateURL></updateURL>        .        .        . </debuggerConfig> 

3. Check that the Debugger Client Help menu now contains the Updates option:


To get an updated version of the Client:

1.In the Client Help menu, click Updates.

The Debugger Client Update dialog box (updateGet.exe program) is invoked, and it is passed the URL you specified in the <updateURL> tag in debuggerConfig.xml:


2. Close the Client; then press the Get It button.

The current JanusDebugger.exe is replaced with the new one. Closing the Client first avoids a file locking error.
You should see a confirmation message like the following: