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Retrieve key options


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This is a bitmask parameter that controls some characteristics of the Model 204 retrieve key, the 3270 terminal PF key that retrieves previously input command lines.

The meaning of the RETRVOPT bits are:

The PF key that is 1 higher than the RETRVKEY setting is mapped to a forward retrieval operation, which returns the command in the retrieve buffer that follows the one that is currently displayed. For example, if this X'01' bit is set, and RETRVKEY is set to 6, PF7 will be a forward retrieve key. If the RETRVKEY setting is 24, specifying this X'01' bit maps the forward operation to the PF1 key.
The forward and backward retrieve keys will not wrap. With this bit set, if you retrieve all the commands stored in the retrieve buffer, your next retrieval is a blank (instead of wrapping to the beginning of the retrieval ring, as was the behavior prior to the availability of the RETRVOPT parameter). The retrieve buffer is a virtual storage area allocated for any full screen thread that has a retrieve key set, and its size is controlled by the RETRVBUF. It is recommended that you set RETRVOPT X'02' in tandem with RETRVOPT X'01'. Otherwise, once you reach the end of the retrieve buffer, you will be unable to get at the retrieved data until you press the Enter key or some other PF key.
Do not add to the retrieve buffer any text typed in response to a screen-full prompt. For example, if you issue a VIEW, then type C or K to stop the output, the C or K is added to the retrieve buffer — unless RETRVOPT X'04' is set. A command you enter when on the penultimate page of a multi-page output (like from a VIEW command) that gets processed after the next page of data is not saved in the retrieve buffer. RETRVOPT X'04' also prevents N, NP, or NEW commands (which clear the screen) from being added to the retrieve buffer.
If the X'01' bit is also set, RETRVOPT X'10' maps the forward retrieve key to the PF key that is 12 greater than the current retrieve key (setting of RETRVKEY). This will be the shifted version of the current retrieve key if that current key is less than PF13, and it will be the non-shifted version if that key is greater than PF12. For example, if RETRVOPT is set to X'17' and RETRVKEY is 12, the forward retrieve key is PF24. And if RETRVOPT is set to X'17' and RETRVKEY is 21 (Shift+PF9), the forward retrieve key is PF9.