Release notes for RKTools V7.5

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Release notes for the components of RKTools that have been updated for version 7.5 are listed below.

Note: The RKTools (Rocket Tools for Model 204) product was formerly known as UL/SPF, and the most recent UL/SPF version was 801. This change of the version number to 7.5 reflects new features as well as the product linkage to its associated Model 204 version: RKTools 7.5 runs only on Model 204 version 7.5 or higher.

Common RKTools enhancements

Enhanced fast-path

Fast-pathing between RKTools components is supported by typing the component name in the command line. For instance, typing SIRMON from anywhere inside SirPro or SirScan takes you to the SirMon main menu. Typing SIRPRO 8 from inside SirMon takes you to the SirPro group definition screen.

Enhanced Help

The Help is extended to include field Help. If PF1 is pressed when the cursor is located on a field, the invoked Help is positioned at the Help text for that field. Otherwise, it is positioned at the start of the Help for the screen. You can then scroll up or down to see the rest of the Help text.