Release notes for RKTools V7.7

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RKTools V7.7 is designed for use with Model 204 V7.7 and later but is backward compatible to Model 204 V7.6.

Release notes for the components of RKTools that have been updated for version 7.7 are listed below:

For information on installing RKTools V7.7, see RKTools installation.


New features and enhancements in RKTools 7.7:

  • M204PROC

    As of RKTools version 7.7 (mid-2017), all code for all Rocket-provided, SOUL-based products and utilities resides in the M204PROC file. This includes all the Dictionary/204 components (SUBSYSMGMT, FILEMGMT, etc.), all the SQL support code, and all code for the former UL/SPF products like SirPro, SirMon and SirScan.

    As described in Downloading and restoring SOUL files:

    • The files SIRIUS, TSFPROC, CATPROC, and DICTDIST are no longer needed as of RKTools 7.7.
    • Older versions of the former UL/SPF products are still available on the download page in the SIRIUS file, but any site running Model 204 V7.6 or higher should use the version in M204PROC.
    • To use this RKTools version, a full installation must be performed at least once, because there are some new files, and because the application subsystem definitions need to be changed to point to the new procedure file.
  • Dictionary/204

    As of version 7.7, Dictionary/204 is integrated into RKTools, and it is accessible through both the RKTools and RKWeb interfaces, as well as from the Model 204 command line as before. The Dictionary/204 wiki pages primarily describe the TN3270 screens, as their appearance and functionality is mirrored in the RKWeb Manage > Dictionary view, which uses Janus Web Legacy Support to map the Dictionary/204 TN3270 screens to your web browser.

    The Dictionary/204 subsystem management tool (SUBSYSMGMT), however, is incorporated in non-Legacy views in RKWeb (the Manage > Subsystem Management menu options).

  • RKWeb

    RKWeb, an easy-to-use web interface for managing the entire Model 204 environment, is new in version 7.7. RKWeb provides an integrated environment, merging the members of RKTools without distinguishing them as individual products. The RKWeb tools framework provides a highly productive web interface to common Model 204 functionality.

    RKWeb is mobile-ready and provides a task-based UI for SOUL application development. RKWeb includes utilities to build applications; manage SOUL code, passwords, groups and SSL Certificates; and monitor performance. RKWeb also includes a journal scanner, command interface, and readers for SirTune reports and SirFact dumps. Access is restricted to some components based on ownership of the underlying products.

    For a summary of the RKTools components accessible from RKWeb, see Where's my RKTools 3270 functionality?.

    Note: RKWeb requires that you have Janus Web Server set up on your system.

  • JANSSL interface

    This Janus Network Security subsystem (controlling the certificate management application) and some associated files were formerly delivered in the SIRIUS file but were not otherwise a part of RKTools. In V7.7, JANSSL has been overhauled and integrated with the other components in the RKWeb interface. Although it is a new technology "under the covers," from a user point of view it is essentially the same application.

    V7.7 JANSSL includes support for SHA2 SSL Certificates, including SHA384.

  • SIRTUNEREPORT interface

    Prior to version 7.7 of RKTools, SirTune reports are only generated by using a SOUL program invoking a call to the SirTuneReport method of the Dataset class, as implemented in the SIRTUNEREPORT SOUL program delivered with RKTools.

    As of RKTools 7.7, the RKWeb interface (Build > Tune Reports) is equipped to invoke and display SIRTUNEREPORT results. Using RKWeb for SirTune reports requires the same set up of input and output files described on the SirTune report generation page.

  • SQL Server utilities

    As of RKTools 7.7, the RKTools and RKWeb interfaces make available the SQL Server Table Specification facility (TSF) and the catalog reporting utility (CCACATREPT). RKWeb options (Manage > Dictionary > SQL Catalog Reports and Manage > Dictionary > Table Specifications) use Janus Web Legacy Support to map the SQL Server TN3270 screens to your web browser.

    Using RKWeb for SQL Server requires the availability of additional supporting files and the inclusion of a separate installation procedure, as described in Model 204 SQL Server installation.

  • SoulEdit

    SoulEdit in RKTools 7.7 includes a "railway track" formatting feature that lets you easily spot indentation problems and missing block-ending lines. The SoulEdit page explains other recent updates and has a training video.