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Sirius EDIT flags


Default value
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Before Sirius Mods 6.7


This is a bitmask parameter that controls various enhancements to the Model 204 full-screen editor. The meaning of the bits are:

X'01' Switch to *LOWER mode upon entry to the editor, and revert to prior setting

upon exit. This allows command mode to work in *UPPER mode so that commands are automatically uppercased, while allowing the editor to work in mixed-case mode.

Since most Model 204 commands take entirely uppercase input, *UPPER mode is almost always preferable in command mode. On the other hand, most modern SOUL programs use mixed case, so *LOWER mode is preferable inside the editor. The SIREDIT X'01' bit provides the best of both worlds with no effort.

This bit has no effect if the user is already in *LOWER mode on entry to the editor.

X'02' Change the LINEND character for the current procedure to carriage return (X'0D'). This allows procedures to include semicolons as data, and it also makes it easier to edit a procedure that has been uploaded from an HTML generator.
X'04' Always force the current 3270 Mod 2 behavior (24 lines by eighty characters), even if the editor is invoked by a thread using a Mod 5 session. This bit takes precedence over the following bit.
X'08' Allow Mod 5 sessions in DBCS environments. Ordinarily the widescreen (Mod 5) support is disabled under DBCS environments. When this bit is set, even DBCS sessions are eligible for widescreen support.
X'10' Provide case-insensitive locate in non-DBCS environments. Thus, the editor command will locate both of the following lines, regardless of the setting of *LOWER/*UPPER or the SIREDIT X'01' bit:

This is sometimes hard to find due to mixed case, while “this is” is all lowercase.

X'20' Provide case-insensitive search strings for the editor Replace command, while still retaining the case as entered on the replacement string, assuming that either *LOWER is in effect or the X'01' bit of SIREDIT is set.

Under these conditions, and using the text from the X'10' example above, this command changes occurrences on both lines:

r/this is/This Is/* all

The result is:

This Is sometimes hard to find due to mixed case, while “This Is” is all lowercase.

X'40' Allow matching of single-quote (') to double-quote (") and vice versa. This is useful when looking at procedures that contain code where both single and double quotes can be used to enclose string literals. This includes SOUL, Javascript, XSLT, and anything else that uses XML.

Note that this feature does not affect Replace commands, and it does not care whether the quotes are actually being used to enclosed string literals. For example, the string That"s odd would match That's odd if the SIREDIT X'40' bit is set.

The arbitrary quote matching feature was first made available in Sirius Mods 8.1 and Model 204 version 7.5.

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